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Frequently Asked Questions

The name is LOVEABOX, created with love. LOVEABOX is a mystery beauty box available monthly in very limited quantities. The goal is to make sure it is not hard for you to love your box. Each of the items inside are carefully picked, packed and shipped with love. We will make sure every box will make you feel more beautiful and loved. Join us to feel more loved. We call those who have purchased LOVEABOX from us as #blovers which basically stands as "box lovers" but to make it sound lovelier, it is also stands for "be one of the lovers". What's better than a collection of surprise items arriving at your doorstep every month or so at prices that beat in-store options?


About Zyro - The Founder

Zyro is a mere beauty blogger who dreams big. Started to blog late of 2011 on Tumblr but decided to move to blogger early of 2016. With experience on beauty related products for more than 6 years she planned her own business and finally able to establish it after went through such an incredible journey with endless support from her family. 
As a beauty blogger, the packaging always play an important role for the pictures of her blog post. Knowing how important the visual is, she decided to create a box that is simple but still looks great in photos. 




LOVEABOX is available monthly in limited quantities so you will have to be fast before we close the order each month. We won't be taking any orders anymore after we have reached certain number of orders for the month. 
After your order is placed it will usually take 2-3 weeks or more for us to carefully pick the items inside and pack it. As our suppliers are not based in Malaysia, it will take some time for the items we have chose for you to reach us. Give us time to carefully pick the items inside also to pack it with love. We will ship your box at the end of the month or early of the next month. We will notify you through e-mail once your box is shipped with the details on how to track your box. For local shipment, it will take 1-2 working days or more to reach you and for international shipment it will take 7 working days or more depending on the country of the shipping address.
After all of our customers for the respective month have received their boxes, you can check our blog post for more informations on the items that are included inside of the box. From the reasons on why we picked them, ingredients list (if available) also on how to use them. 




LOVEABOX does not hold any responsibilities for how the products affect your skin. It is recommended that you do a patch test on your skin prior to use to ensure that you do not have any allergic reactions to the product. 





LOVEABOX does ship internationally. For local customers, your order will be shipped via Poslaju and we only use EMS for international orders for now. The shipping charges will be changing each month depending on the total weight of the box (including the contents inside).

Please click for more details regarding Shipping & Delivery.



We are only able to provide refunds for your purchases in limited circumstances. Great care is taken to ensure that all of the boxes are packaged carefully and arrives directly to you in a perfect condition.

Please click for more details regarding Return & Exchange Policy.



We are still new in the market and are based in Malaysia so our current target is to spread the love to our Malaysian #blovers first. The currency used is in MYR however a converter is provided and only as a tool for your reference only. We accept payment from Paypal also a direct bank in (for our local customers). 



The contents of this site including all images, graphics and logo are the property of LOVEABOX and are protected by International copyright laws. The reproduction, distribution, display or transmission of the content of this site is strictly prohibited, unless authorised by LOVEABOX.



We at LOVEABOX respects our #blovers privacy and will never give away any personal informations you provide during your visit and will only be used to process your order also to ship your package.



Still have any questions, comments, feedback or anything regarding your order? Feel free to e-mail us at anytime. We will try our best to be in touch within 24-48 hours. Alternatively, you may use the contact form below.