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New Year, New Loveabox ( January Ver. )

January Loveabox

We promised that the New Year, New Loveabox will be filled with cuteness and here it is! The New Year, New Loveabox is filled with cuteness from Gudetama by Holika Holika, Pikachu cushion pact and new year mask by Tony Moly also cute masks from Etude House.


Tony Moly Pikachu BB Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ RM70

The closely adhering BB cushion makes skin look soft
and flawless as it is lightly applied to skin and effectively covers skin blemishes.

Tony Moly Pikachu BB Cushion available in two shades ; 

#01 Skin Beige 
 #02 Warm Beige

HOW TO USE : Apply an appropriate amount on a puff. Pat lightly over the face and reapply small amount.

Tony Moly recently collaborated with Pokemon to produce cute products and we believe you gotta catch em all! Well not all but at least Pikachu is a must isn't it? ;D 


Gudetama Lazy & Joy Cupcake Eye Shadow ( Red Velvet / Tiramisu ) RM68 each

4-color eye shadow kit gives you sweeter transformation with sweetness and profoundness by Gudetama transformed to red velvet and tiramisu cupcake. Daily utilized eye shadow. Matt, Shimmer and Glitter, 3 types of texture expresses colorful eyes without concerns of double or non double eyelids. One coat color expressions gives all day long lasting. Lovely color sense comes up vitally by coiling coating powder which increases adherence, Able to express long lasting eyes without fixing makeup all day.

Gudetama Lazy & Joy Cupcake Eye Shadow available in two types ; -

 Red Velvet   Tiramisu

HOW TO USE : 1. Touch wanted color with hand or brush. 2. Layer on eyelids lightly. 3. Blend boundary naturally.

This cute eyeshadow palette suitable for daily look containing matte, shimmer and glitter of texture which last all day long with the lovely colors it offers. 


Gudetama Lazy & Joy Hand Cream ( Cream Cheese / Sherbet Hand Cream / Custand Hand Cream ) RM19 each

Nature radiate fertile eggs component (albumin, yolk extract) gives you smooth and moist hand by taking a role as moisturizer. Contains milk, butter, egg and oil effective ingredients that are used to make desserts and gives mild and smooth hand care. Custard, Sorbet and cream cheese reenacted texture delicated eat-a-be fragrance. Gudetama transformed to dessert and everyone wants to possess it!


Gudetama Lazy & Joy Cupcake Hand Cream available in three types ; -

#1 Cream Cheese #2 Sherbet #3 Custard

HOW TO USE : 1. Wash your hands clean, squeeze suitable amount, spread evenly and absorb. 2. You can maintain moisty hand if you apply many times when you feel dry.

Delicious Gudetama hand cream to make sure your hand is smooth and moisturized!



Gudetama Lazy & Joy Fresh Egg Cleansing Foam RM63

A fragrant cleansing foam that thoroughly cleanses the wastes of pores and give you peeled eggs skin. Egg whites albumin extract keeps the old keratin of pores and yolk extract of yolk deep cleans. Dull and complex skin cleansing.

HOW TO USE : 1. Take the appropriate amount (2cm) on the wet face. 2. Create bubbles with plenty of water, gently massage and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

A gudetama cleansing foam to keep your pores clean! 


Gudetama Lazy & Joy Jelly Dough Blusher ( Grapefruit Jelly / Plum Jelly / Apricot Jelly / Cherry Jelly ) RM52 each

A jelly dough type blusher that gives inside moistly, outside smooth & clear perfection. No powder fly or float, it expresses clear and clean cheek by melting as if it is dyed on skin. Jelly to Powder, Smooth and fluffy perfection. Skin friendly Amino acid coating powder contained.

Gudetama Lazy & Joy Cupcake Hand Cream available in four shades ; -

 #CR01 Grapefruit Jelly
#PK01 Plum Jelly
#OR01 Apricot Jelly
#RD01 Cherry Jelly

HOW TO USE : 1. Press the content lightly. 2. Gently pat on both cheeks when came out sufficiently. 3. Please do not press puff hardly to prevent overloading, lightly press to put suitable amount.

Gudetama Jelly type blusher that melts on both cheek softly!


4 cute sheet masks (Etude House & Tony Moly) RM40+

Lastly we decided to include four different types of cute masks inside January Loveabox! Black Hydrogel Eye Patch for your eye care, Calming Cheek Patch for your cheek, Bubble Pore Cleansing Patch for your nose and lastly Tony Moly 2017 Happy New Year Mask for your whole face! 


We hope you like the contents for our January Loveabox! As always we are very grateful for your support <3



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