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February to LOVEABOX

The main theme for February to LOVEABOX is for your skin! :>

Do you know how important it is to take care of your skin first before putting on makeups? Your skin is like a canvas ; if you have a damaged canvas, it's difficult to paint a picture on it. Your number one priority in skincare is keeping the canvas clean and blemish free. :) 

We sincerely hope with February to LOVEABOX, you will have a better canvas to paint on!


COSRX One Step Moisture Up Pad - RM90

The main item for February to LOVEABOX is this One Step Moisture Up Pad from COSRX! It's a daily pad that contains hyaluronic acid to replenish moisture for all day hydration. Regular use of pads will smooth the skin's texture, providing a perfect canvas for flawless makeup. :) 

COSRX known for its good reputation among Korean skincare fans doesn't make us hesitate at all to include this wonderful moisture up pad in our February to LOVEABOX! 

HOW TO USE : 1. Swipe the embossing side across the face avoiding eye area after cleansing. 2. Swipe the softer side across the face to pick up the remaining debris. 3. Replace the lid tightly to make sure the pads stay wet and clean.


The Face Shop Mini Capsule Pack Deluxe Set of 4 Face Masks - RM28

Deluxe set of four face masks from The Face Shop! Pamper your skin with this deluxe set from TFS! :D

This set of 4 wash-off packs infuses flaky, dehydrated skin with rich moisture. Each pack is formulated with different ingredients for different skin concerns. You can pick and choose depending on your skin condition.

This set contains 4 masks: - Aloe: Soothing - Honey: Moisturizing - Pomegranate: Resilience Lifting - Rice: Brightening

HOW TO USE : Massage onto clean skin, avoiding the eyes and mouth areas. Leave on for 10 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water.


Skinfood Let's Milky Milk Cleansing Foam 130ml - RM30

A skincare routine isn't complete without a right cleanser.  

This is a gentle cleanser that remove impurities and excess keratin for a smooth, nourished complexion.

HOW TO USE : Dispense product in palms and lather with water. Massage gently on face and rinse off with lukewarm water.


Skinfood Freshmade Apple Mask - RM35

Another treat for your skin! Packed with whole ground apple, this is a wash-off mask that calms flaky keratin and instantly provides hydration and radiance to skin. 

Pyrus Malus (apple) is a vitamin-rich, anti-aging ingredient that contains antioxidants, promote cell health, moisturizes and helps heal sun-damaged skin. It is a natural astringent and can reduce the appearance of pores, as it can tighten the skin. 

HOW TO USE : Apply onto face avoiding eyes and lip areas. After 10~15 minutes wash off with lukewarm water.

Etude House Heating Eye Mask - RM13

Not really for your skin but this heating eye mask is something we highly recommend to try out! We know that sometimes your eyes might feel heavy and tired and we think this mask will help! :) Enjoy the comfortable warm sensation ~ <3

HOW TO USE : Get the heating mask out the package, place the white surface without the character print on the skin around the eyes and hang onto the ears to wear. Close your eyes, while enjoying the warm sensation that lasts for 20 minutes.


Hope our February to LOVEABOX brings to you happiness and joy! Thank you for the endless support <3

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